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April 2004

Volume 54, 2004

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Globalization and Free Trade
Free Trade Is the Path to a Bright Economic Future

Tax Breaks Aren't Subsidies
No One Should Be Begrudged the Opportunity to Keep His Own Money

Cashing a Cheque in the Third Millennium A.D.
Regulations Have a Way of Becoming Minimum Standards

Government Control of Medicine: Thanks, But No Thanks
The Free Market Works Like Crazy to Find New and Better Solutions

Book Reviews - April 2004

The Economic Causes of War
Laissez Faire and Free Trade Would Make Many Wars Unnecessary

What's Wrong with the Poverty Numbers
Changing Government Policies Would Do Much to Alleviate Poverty

How Nineteenth-Century Americans Responded to Government Corruption
Constitutional and Legal Reform Dealt Mercantilist Interventionism an Enormous Blow

The Irish Miracle
Ireland's Contrast with the Rest of the EU is Stark

The Irrational Precautionary Principle
Should New Substances Be Banned Until Proven Harmless?

A Deficit of Understanding
Hysteria over the Trade Deficit Is Rooted in Confusion

Back Toward Serfdom in New Zealand
A Proposed Labor Bill Would Restrict Choice, Flexibility, and Fairness for Workers and Employers

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