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April 2001

Volume 51, 2001

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Beware the Ides of April (Plus Two)
Why Do We Cringe at Uncle Sam's Annual Fundraiser?

The Inventive Period
The Capitalist System Has Enabled These Inventor-Entrepreneurs to Flourish

What Am I Missing?
Anti-Capitalists Fail to Make Connections between Multinational Corporations in the Third World and the First World

Reflections on Self-Responsibility and Libertarianism
We Now Live in a Nation of Dependents Who Cannot Imagine a Life Without Government Support, Involvement, and Regulation

Regulation by Reputation on the Net: Business
Seller Reputation Is a Significant Determinant of Price in Online Auctions

Dictatorship of Lawyers
Courts Allow Trial Lawyers to Subvert Due Process and Rule of Law

Overreacting to Terrorism
Federal Terrorism Policy Overreacts to a Small and Declining Threat

The Tainted Public-Health Model of Gun Control

The War on Drugs Opens a New Front
The Quest for Greater Authority and Larger Budgets Calls for the Creation of New Problems

The Perils of Positive Rights
Positive Rights Conflict Most of All with Our Basic Negative Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property

The Will of the Market?
To Treat Labels as Sentient Beings Is to Wallow in Irrationality

The California Power Mess
The Golden State's Energy Crisis Is a Political One Caused by an Appalling Ignorance of Basic Economics

The Other Political Story
No Matter What the National Political Climate, Most Incumbents Win

Blessed Debt
Every Penny Is Apparently So Wisely Spent That We Cannot Consider Cutting the Budget

The Problem of Environmental Protection
The Cheapest Way to Reduce Pollution Is by Taking Advantage of Self-Interest

Beyond GDP: A Breakthrough in National Income Accounting
Gross Domestic Output Accurately Includes Total Spending in the Economy, Not Just Final Output

Racial Profiling
The True Villains Are the Tiny Percentage of the Black Community Who Have Made Black Synonymous with Crime

To Be Is to Choose
Can We Really Have Too Many Choices?

Rising Oil Prices Create Inflation?
Central Banking Is Inflation's One True Cause

Charter Schools in Action by Chester Finn, Bruno Manno, and Greg Vanourek
Though Incomplete, It Offers the Best Source of Information Currently Available on Charter Schooling

Monopolies in America: Empire Builders and Their Enemies from Jay Gould to Bill Gates by Charles R. Geisst
Geisst's Book Is Weak on Research and Rarely Asks Penetrating Questions about Government Action

The Rule of Law in the Wake of Clinton edited by Roger Pilon
The President's Central Function Is to Maintain Rule of Law, Not to Govern the Nation

From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State by David T. Beito
Fraternal Societies Once Created Extensive Benefits for Their Members

Viable Values: A Study of Life as the Root and Reward of Morality by Tara Smith
An Excellent Book on Moral Philosophy

Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny by Robert Wright
Everyone Interested in Freedom and Spontaneous Order Should Read This Important and Fascinating Book

Rights Without Exceptions
A Right, to Be a Right, Must Be Absolute

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