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April 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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Inventing Life in Cuba
When Ideology Is Used as a Vehicle of Control, Economic and Social Devastation Follows

Roberto and Fidel: Two Versions of Share the Wealth
Societies That Stifle Voluntary Exchange Waste the Talents and Resources of Their People

How to Reduce Taxes

The NFL Oilers: A Case Study in Corporate Welfare
How Houston's Struggle against Stadium Subsidies Failed

In Defense of Markets and Misers
People Don't See the Value of Dispersed Benefits

The Myth of an Emerging Information Underclass
New Technologies Don't Need Subsidies to Spread to Consumers

An Earlier Response to Environmental Tyranny
English History Provides an Example of the Restoration of Property Rights to the People

There's Some Good in Gouging
Dramatic Price Increases in Times of Crisis Help Keep Economies Operating Smoothly in Distressed Regions

Will Kellogg: King of Corn Flakes
How an Uneducated Flunkey Became a Renowned Entrepreneur

Are Women Being Victimized by the Market?
Pay a Woman Less Than She's Worth and You Hand a Golden Money-Making Opportunity to a Competitor

Native American Success Stories
Entrepreneurship Has Lifted Some Native Americans out of Poverty

Discrimination and Liberty
Price Fixing Leads to Greater Indulgence in Personal Preferences

Julian Simon, Lifesaver
Julian Simon Was a Hero of the Free Market

The Teacher Unions by Myron Lieberman
What Will it Take to Remove Teacher Unions' Obstructions to Quality Education?

The Ultimate Resource 2 by Julian Simon
A Powerful Antidote to Malthusian Gloom

Money for Nothing: Politicians, Rent Extraction, and Political Extortion by Fred McChesney
An Important Book in Any Comprehensive Economic Education

The Paradox of Progress: Can Americans Regain Their Confidence in a Prosperous Future? by Richard B. McKenzie
We Need Not Be Pessimistic about the Future

Free Marketers Miss Opportunity at AEA Meetings
Mainstream Economists Dominate the Discussions

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