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April 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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The Free Market: Lifting All Boats
The Free Market Does Not Leave the Poor Behind

Stockholders as Stakeholders
Stakeholder Theory Places Corporate Managers in the Impossible Position of Balancing Competing Interests from Multiple Groups

Star Trek and Collectivism: The Case of the Borg
Star Trek Shows What a Society Ruled by the Collective Mind Would Look Like

The Myth of the Independent Fed
The Fed May Be the Worst Government Monopoly of Them All

Can the Budget Be Cut?
Few Government Expenditures Are More Obnoxious Than Corporate Welfare

Government-Mandated Insecurity
Social Security Must Be Replaced, Not Fixed

Competition in Education: The Case of Reading
Only the Marketplace Can Determine the Best Pedagogy

There's More to Government Than You Think
We Pay for Government in Numerous Hidden Ways

The Judgment of History
Historians Like Endlessly Action-Oriented Presidents

Faith in the Fed
Blind Faith in Political Power Obscures the Fed's True Nature

What Money Can't Buy
There Is an Almost Inverse Correlation between Spending and Educational Achievement

Book Review: The Truth About the National Debt: Five Myths and One Reality by Francis X. Cavanaugh
Tax Increases Are Not the Solution to Government Overspending

Book Review: Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline by Robert H. Bork

Book Review: The Last Monopoly: Privatizing the Postal Service for the Information Age edited by Edward L. Hudgins
A Free-Market Monopoly is an Oxymoron

Book Review: The Industrial Revolution and Free Trade, edited by Burton W. Folsom, Jr.
Trade Restrictions Don't Improve Workers' Well-Being

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