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April 1996

Volume 46, 1996

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Insurance: True and False
Government Insurance Loots Taxpayers

Globalism and Sovereignty: A Short History of the Bricker Amendment
Supranational Commissions Seek Veto Power Over American Policy

Born Again: The Resurgence of American Prohibition
Prohibitionism Is Fatally Flawed as Public Policy

Jack the Radical
How Gruesome Murders Activated the Strangest Left-Wing Campaign of All Time

The U.S. Presidents and the Money Issue
The Dollar's Decline Has Affected All Americans

Mary Wollstonecraft--Equal Rights for Women
Wollstonecraft Established the Individualist Roots of Equal Rights

Who Deserved the Nobel Prize?
The Nobel Prize Has Passed Over Many Noteworthy Individuals

That Taxing Time of Year Again
Social Security Is Flawed in Its Conception

Pride and the Nanny State
We Achieve Meaningful Satisfaction Through Self-Reliance

The Vandals' Crown: How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World's Central Banks
Market Checks and Balances Limit Widespread Corruption

Shake-Down: How the Government Screws You From A to Z
Our Ham-Fisted Government Runs Amok

Revolution at the Roots: Making Our Government Smaller, Better, and Closer to Home
Why Should Government Be Shrunk?

Wildlife in the Marketplace
Is Public Management the Best Way to Preserve Wildlife?

Private Cures for Public Ills: The Promise of Privatization
Private Ownership Can Better Achieve Public Goals

America First! Its History, Culture, and Politics
A Distinctly American View of Culture and Politics

The Sacred Fire of Liberty: James Madison and the Founding of the Federal Republic
An Important Work of Historical Revisionism

A Vote for Optimism
Freedom and Knowledge Have Gained the Upper Hand

Russell Kirk's Economics of the Permanent Things
A Free Market Serves Humane Values

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