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April 1995

Volume 45, 1995

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How Gold Was Money--How Gold Could Be Money Again
The Treasury Should Return the Gold to the People

The Forgotten Private Banker
How Did Unlicensed, Unregulated Banking Give Way to Today's System?

First-Class Mail, Third-Class Competition
Is the Post Office a Natural Monopoly?

Freedom, Legislation, and Disabilities
Coercive Morality Legislation Harms Society

Fortunately, It's Just a Game
What Is Monopoly's Message About Wealth and Wealth Creation?

Have Doctors Forsaken Their Ethics?
The Veterinary Ethic Rules Government-Funded Health Care

Justice or Legal Extortion?
The U.S. Civil Justice System Has Become a Sweepstakes Game

Are We Burying Ourselves in Garbage?
The Crisis Mentality Has Distorted Our Judgment About Waste Disposal

Herbert Spencer: Liberty and Unlimited Human Progress
Spencer Was a Phenomenal Prophet

The U.S. Banking Debacle of the 1980s: A Lesson in Government Mismanagement
The Government Was the Major Source of Instability in the U.S. Banking System

Friedman vs. The Austrians, Part II: Was There an Inflationary Boom in the 1920s?
The Austrians Have a Case

Comparable Worth or Incomparably Worthless?
Bureaucratic Schemes to Achieve Pay Equity Don't Work

Values or Virtues?
How Can Free Marketeers Best Persuade Ordinary People?

Budget Deficits
No Law or Amendment Can Break the Spending Predilection

Perpetuating Poverty: The World Bank, the IMF, and the Developing World
The Third World Needs Moral and Political Reform, Not Dollars

Scarcity or Abundance? A Debate on the Environment
Human Ingenuity Is the Greatest Source of Hope for the Future

The Individualist Anarchists: An Anthology of Liberty (1881-1908)
Individualist Anarchism Was a Genuine Outburst of American Radicalism

What Went Right in the 1980s
McKenzie Illuminates the "Decade of Greed"

Separating School and State
Public Education Will Always Underperform

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