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April 1993

Volume 43, 1993

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The Revolution That Was America
Individual liberty and an accommodating political order are relatively new in human history.

The Growth of Government in America
American government has far outgrown the limits set by our founders in the Constitution.

Can Voluntarism Survive the Taxman?
Taxation undermines cherished institutions and functions.

Judging Politicians
It is not unrealistic to seek the best among us to represent us.

Thomas Jefferson: Liberty and Power
Jefferson believed that government was the greatest threat to individual liberty.

Do State and Local Fiscal Choices Matter?
Some states enjoy greater prosperity relative to others.

The Costs of Tax and Spend
How free are Americans when the tax burden is so high?

Adventures in Porkland: How Washington Wastes Your Money and Why They Won't Stop
Legislators sneak massive boondoggles into appropriations bills.

Grand Theft and Petit Larceny: Property Rights in America
Without the ability to be secure in one’s person and possessions, all rights would be meaningless.

Official Lies: How Washington Misleads Us
The federal government incessantly manipulates opinion and subverts both truth and democracy.

Patient Power: Solving America's Health Care Crisis
A powerful message that needs to be heard in the current policy debate on health care.

What Has Government Done to Our Health Care?
Free market, deregulatory approaches to health care financing have merit.

We Hold These Truths
Social Security has always been the mother lode of political ore for politicians to mine.

The Right Guide: A Guide to Conservative and Right-of-Center Organizations
A useful encyclopedia of libertarian and conservative organizations.

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