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April 1979

Volume 29, 1979


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Start at the Beginning

April 01 1979 by ,

The fundamentals of economics and our transactions in a free market begin with the private ownership of property.

Conservation or Confiscation?

April 01 1979 by ,

How resource owners' rights are diminished by the environmental protection movement.

Sixth Wheel

April 01 1979 by ,

A formula for reducing/curbing government spending to encourage production by individuals.

The Roots of the Free Market

April 01 1979 by ,

Overcoming disorder and chaos is a vital first step toward enjoyment of the fruits of the free market.

The World Economy at the Crossroad

April 01 1979 by ,

Examining the United Nations call for a "new order" of trade between nations.

A Better World

April 01 1979 by ,

To improve the world, begin with self-improvement.

Deregulation of Trucking

April 01 1979 by ,

Answers to some of the arguments against deregulation of the trucking industry.

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