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April 1977

Volume 27, 1977


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Interventions and Their Consequences

April 01 1977 by ,

Arbitrary government intrusion in human affairs brings out the worst in man.

Victims of Reform Laws

April 01 1977 by ,

Laws preventing voluntary market transactions create victims by restricting individual choice.

Inflation and Interest Rates

April 01 1977 by ,

Inflation distorts the interest rate and unbalances the structure of production.

A Critique of Mathematical Economics

April 01 1977 by ,

Individual human actions are unpredictable and cannot be measured in advance.

Problems of Great Minitude

April 01 1977 by ,

No problem is too small for the free market to solve.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1977/4

April 01 1977 by ,

"Home of the Brave: A Patriots Guide to American History" by John A. Carroll and Odie B. Faulk

"An Overgoverned Society" by W. Allen Wallis

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