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April 1971

Volume 21, 1971


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The Voucher System Trap for the Unwary

April 01 1971 by ,

Some Thoughts on Violence

April 01 1971 by ,

A diagnosis of today's cult of violence and an appeal for a return to reason the divine spark in man.

The Worrycrats

April 01 1971 by ,

A special breed of bureaucratic worriers for whom all citizens are compelled to pay.

"Thou Shalt Not Drink"

April 01 1971 by ,

The story of Prohibition and Repeal and its lesson for modern regulators.

Poor Relief in Ancient Rome

April 01 1971 by ,

Another example of the way in which relief programs get out of hand and destroy the economy, including the intended beneficiaries.

Revenue Sharing

April 01 1971 by ,

A new name for inflation.

The Biology of Behavior

April 01 1971 by ,

Our biological differences should convince us that uniformity is not a rule of life.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1971/4

April 01 1971 by ,

"Christianity and the Class Struggle" by Harold O. J. Brown

"The Theory of Money and Credit" by Ludwig von Mises

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