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April 1967

Volume 17, 1967


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A Youth Corps for America?

April 01 1967 by ,

George Roche looks carefully at some of the proposals for the youth of America and warns of the dangers of such regimentation.

Liberty and Law

October 01 1964 by ,

A minister explains the manner in which laws can help or hinder the cause of liberty.

The Moral Equivalent of Power

April 01 1967 by ,

The President of Rockford (Illinois) College deplores the power-seeking efforts of many groups in our time and suggests a search for a moral alternative.

The Purposes of Antitrust

April 01 1967 by ,

Harold Fleming, author of Ten Thousand Commandments, affords a preview here of some ideas to be covered by him in an expanded and updated study of antitrust laws and their impact.

The Control of Wages and Incomes in Britain

April 01 1967 by ,

Back to Britain, briefly, as George Winder focuses on the latest bureaucratic bungling of "wages and incomes" policies.

The Gap Between Earning and Receiving

April 01 1967 by ,

But, as William Henry Chamberlin readily perceives, not all such bungling is foreign; we have our own widening "public sector" - at public expense.

Investing in Yourself

April 01 1967 by ,

Check again the opening article by George Roche, and then see how Robert Tyson, finance chairman of U.S. Steel, would advise American youth.

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