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April 1959

Volume 9, 1959


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Tax Decalogue for the Welfare State

April 01 1959 by ,

The Complex World of Claudius Ptolemy

April 01 1959 by ,

A study in reasoning, developed to help science students understand the political economy.

Human Rights are Property Rights

April 01 1959 by ,

Much is heard these days of the distinction between human rights and property rights, and many who claim to champion the one turn with scorn upon any de­fender of the other. They fail to see that property rights, far from being in conflict, are in fact the most basic of all human rights. 

The Thank You Economy

April 01 1959 by ,

A Rural Minister Insists that Money Talks

April 01 1959 by ,

Union Coercion and Your Newspaper

April 01 1959 by ,

The Dollar Will be on the Defensive

April 01 1959 by ,

The Robins (A Poem)

April 01 1959 by ,

Some Questions for Consideration by Modern Idol Worshipers

April 01 1959 by ,

Samuel Smith's Patriotic Song

April 01 1959 by ,

Private Investment is Best

April 01 1959 by ,

Government capital investment belies its professed purpose.

A Reviewers Notebook

July 01 1963 by ,

Free Goods, Disciplined Money

"The Enterprising Americans: A Business History of the United States" by John Chamberlain

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