September 2005

Volume 55, 2005


Social Security and the Insurance Illusion

Social Security Is a Tax and a Stream of Welfare Payments
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Abolishing Social Security--Through REAL Privatization!

Eliminating Social Security Would Restore Americans' Freedom
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

If the revenues from the sales of government lands and the accompanying mineral rights were to come even close to their current estimated market values, their privatization would equal the projected present value of all Society Security obligations over the next 75 years.

The Shady Origins of Social Security

Why Did Roosevelt Want Social Security in the First Place?
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Dialectics and Liberty

A Defense of Dialectical Method in the Service of a Libertarian Social Theory
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Property Protects

Eminent Domain Victimizes Those with the Least Money and Fewest Connections
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

No Jobs for Young People?

Young People in America Are Not Suffering
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Research Needed!

Has Government-Funded Research Improved Our Standard of Living?
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Immaculate Planners or Messy Entrepreneurs?

The Government's Track Record of Picking Winners Is Poor
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Life, Liberty, and Retirement Pensions

We Need to Assert Our Right to Financial Independence
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by

Opponents of the "Crown Jewel"

Is Social Security the Most Successful Government Program in History?
SEPTEMBER 01, 2005 by
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