September 1997

Volume 47, 1997


The Perversity of Doing Good at Others' Expense

Wealth Transfers Destroy the Discipline and Accountability That Make Real Virtue Possible
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Discovery and Economic Freedom

It Makes Little Economic Sense to Try to Alter Outcomes by Regulating Citizens
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Free Lunch

Increased Productivity Makes for Freer Lunches
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Guardians of the Constitution or Watching Out for Their Own?

Judges Are Charged with the Sacred Duty of Protecting the Rights of All Citizens
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Federal Government Growth Before the New Deal

Lincoln and Wilson Set Precedents for Government Spending
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Market-Based Environmentalism vs. the Free Market

Market-Based Environmentalism Attempts to Impose Personal Attitudes on Society
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Mises's Legacy for Feminists

SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

Lafayette: Hero of Two Worlds

Lafayette Seized on the Idea of Liberty
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

The freedom fighter Marquis de Lafayette changed history. He helped defeat the British at Yorktown, winning American independence. In France, he helped topple two kings and an emperor. Jean-Antoine Houdon, the great eighteenth-century sculptor who created busts of many great heroes, dubbed Lafayette "the apostle and defender of liberty in the two worlds."

Government and Disaster Relief

Federal Disaster Relief Displaces More Effective Private Charity
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

The North Dakota flood this past spring was a heartbreaker. The scenes of devastation gripped the nation and brought tears to the eyes of millions. Back here in Michigan, my historian friend Burt Folsom used the occasion to acquaint me with an event about which I knew nothing: the terrible Michigan fire of 1881. Folsom noted a couple of differences between these two natural disasters, and gave me an earful of information that readers of this column may find interesting.

Military Follies and Memorial Day Memories

Many Young Americans' Sacrifices Had Nothing to Do with Freedom
SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by
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Competition and Cooperation

SEPTEMBER 01, 1997 by

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