September 1979

Volume 29, 1979


Capital Punishment

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

How inflation and taxation discourage and prevent the generation of capital for better jobs.

Prices: Guidelines that Work

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

Let the market price guide production and consumption; put the controls on government spending and inflation.

World in the Grip of an Idea: 33. Conclusion: Loosening the Grip of the Idea

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

The individual is responsible for tending to his own business and fulfilling his purpose.

Foreign Policy

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

Private property must be respected and free trade encouraged if conflicts are to be minimized.

F. A. Hayek: Classical Liberal

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

A salute to one of the great students and defenders of liberty in our time.

The Tiller, the Van, and the Typewriter

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

One woman's firm stand against coercive measures that disrupt and destroy an advanced market economy.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1979/9

SEPTEMBER 01, 1979 by

"Memoirs of a Dissident Publisher" by Henry Regnery
"Economics of Public Policy: The Micro View" by John C. Goodman and Edwin G. Dolan

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