September 1976

Volume 26, 1976


Built-In Pressures to Inflation

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

A look at some of the major political pressures and suggested ways to stop them.

A New Message: V. On the General Welfare

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

Words of courage and counsel from the hearts of the Founding Fathers to their children in a troubled nation.

Why Public Libraries?

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

Some hard questions for students of liberty who think taxes are too high.

Land Use and Capital

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

Private ownership of land and competitive capitalism can feed the world.

The Planned Economy in Georgia: 1732-1752

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

Government planning and regulation was as disastrous then as it is today.

What Determines the Value of Money?

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

A critical analysis of the "equation of exchange" and the "velocity of circulation" in relation to inflation.

Behavioral Law

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

Let government try to keep us free from the destructiveness of othersnot the ruler of our behavior.

Two Concepts of Liberty

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

A review of Isaiah Berlin's distinction between "negative" and "positive" liberty.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1976/9

SEPTEMBER 01, 1976 by

"Chile: The Balanced View" by Francisco Orrego Vicuna

"Laura: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder" by Donald Zochert

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