September 1972

Volume 22, 1972



SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

The positive role of advertising in a capitalistic, free-market economy.

What Do You Have Against the Poor?

SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

Welfare schemes often backfire and injure most the ones they were supposed to help.

A Closer Look at Gold

SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

A historical review of the monetary uses of gold in most nations of the world.

Cause and Effect

SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

According to the natural order of the universe, each is responsible for his self-improvement.

The Founding of the American Republic: 14. Freeing the Individual

SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

The strengthening of the institutions of freedom in the various states just following the end of the war.

The Productivity of Freedom

SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

The general case for reliance on voluntary processes of the market rather than coercive intervention in most human affairs.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1972/9

SEPTEMBER 01, 1972 by

"Nine Lies About America" by Arnold Beichman

"Hazardous To Your Health" by Marvin H. Edwards

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