September 1966

Volume 16, 1966


The Safety of the People

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

Admiral Ben Moreell reminds us of Cicero's observation that the safety of the people depends upon their knowing and observing the Higher Law.

The Voice of a Brothers Blood

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

From the Biblical account of Cain and Abel, Dr. Sollitt draws a lesson: that we start living for the ideals for which young Americans are asked to die on far-flung battlefields.

Dr. Johnsons Defense of Property

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

More than two centuries ago, Dr. Samuel Johnson offered arguments in defense of property that are well worth reviewing today.

The Vital Secret

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

And with a better understanding of private property and respect for life and human dignity, perhaps we may then explain to others the vital secret of American progress.

The Case for Willing Exchange

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

Leonard Read suggests that the great differences among world powers may be more clearly understood in terms of willing exchange versus coercion.

Socialism, U.S. Style

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

In the subsidized traffic snarls of Metropole, Henry Hazlitt finds working examples of the failure of socialism in the United States.

The Flight From Reality: 24. The Flight from the Constitution - Part II

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

In this chapter, Professor Carson explores in further detail the departures from the Constitution by way of numerous Court decisions in recent years.

Freedom to Sift & Winnow

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

How those most concerned about academic freedom can generally ignore or even deny the freedom of the market is the puzzle pondered by a Milwaukee editor.

Values, Exchange, and Profits: The Bedrock of Economic Science

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

And a Harvard student takes time off from the macro-economic whirl of the campus to review the basic marginal utility concepts of values, exchange, and profits.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1966/9

SEPTEMBER 01, 1966 by

Donald I. Rogers' "The End of Free Enterprise: A Manifesto for Capitalists" affords fellow columnist John Chamberlain grist for the Reviewer's Notebook.

"The Most of Malcolm Muggeridge" and "Faulkner in the University" are the latest choices by reviewer Thornton.

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