October 2008

October 2008

Volume 58, 2008


Language, Loyalty, and Liberty

Government Has No Place Promoting One Language Over Another
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

Let’s Not Be Energy Independent

We Can Comfortably Depend on Foreigners for Much of Our Oil
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

Politicians Eye the Oil Market

Politicians' Fixes for High Gas Prices Are Based on Faulty Economics
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

Making Social Security More Harmful

Advocates of Social Security Defraud American Workers
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by ,

Commerce, Markets, and Peace: Richard Cobden's Enduring Lessons

Free Trade Is the Great Panacea
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

Beyond Municipal Wireless

Taxpayers Need Not Fund Broadband Service
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

The Holiday That Isn't

A "Bill of Rights Day" Is Not on the Calendar
DECEMBER 15, 2014 by

A free people don't have to wait for Congress to declare a holiday. We can celebrate now.

Mendacity by Metaphor

OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

The Great Escape from the Great Depression

World War II Did Not End the Great Depression
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by

Legalize All Drugs

The War on Drugs Does More Harm Than Any Substance
OCTOBER 01, 2008 by
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