October 2000

October 2000

Volume 50, 2000


A Man's Home Once Was His Castle

Drug Prohibition Threatens Our Right to Be Secure in Our Homes
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

The Uplifters Try It Again

Gun-Control Laws Deprive Reputable Citizens of Protection
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

A Constitutional Counterrevolution

Political Transaction-Cost Manipulation Has Cost Us Dearly
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

P. T. Bauer's Market-Liberal Vision

The Underdeveloped World's Best Hope
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

Is There an Anglo-American Economic Model?

The Term Is Inappropriate and Counterproductive
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

The Philosophical Influence Behind the Microsoft Trial

A Pro-Government, Anti-Private-Property View Dominated the Microsoft Antitrust Trial
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

For-Profit Medicine and the Compassion Motive

The Profit Motive Brings Differing Goals Into Harmony
OCTOBER 01, 2000

Does Rape Violate the Commerce Clause?

Women Can No Longer Seek Civil Damages Under the Violence Against Women Act
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

Harmful Tax Practices?

The OECD Cartel Wants to Protect Countries' Tax Bases
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by

Patents and Monopoly Privilege

Patent Litigation Is a Big Problem for Technology Companies
OCTOBER 01, 2000 by
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