October 1999

October 1999

Volume 49, 1999


The Berry Bikes: A Lesson in Private Property

An Inexpensive Example of the Tragedy of the Commons
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by ,

The Encryption Scramble

Why Can't Americans Publish Data-Encryption Programs?
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Bought and Sold: Drug Warriors and the Media

The Federal Government and the Media Form an Unholy Taxpayer-Financed Alliance
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Wilhelm Röpke: A Centenary Appreciation

Röpke Was a Prophet Warning of the Dangers from a Loss of Our Moral Compass
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Money and Gold in the 1920s and 1930s: An Austrian View

The Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy Was Consistently Inflationist
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Market Money and Free Banking

Any Quantity of Money Is Adequate Because Prices Will Adjust
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Who's Locked In to What?

Government, Not the Market, Locks People into Bad Situations
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Health Care: Over the Canadian Cliff?

The United States Faces a Stark Choice Regarding Health Care
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

The Love of Economics

Economics Is Focused on Human Choice
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by

Comparative Advantage

Free Trade Benefits High-Paid U.S. Workers
OCTOBER 01, 1999 by
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