October 1996

October 1996

Volume 46, 1996


Classical Libertarian Compromises on State Education

Paine, Smith, and Mill Failed to Foresee the Consequences of Government Schools
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

The Vatican and the Free Market

Economic Science and Spiritual Concerns Point in the Same Direction
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

A Good Conversation and the Marketplace

Market Prices Help to Establish Trust, Responsibility, and Freedom
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

Rights, Freedom, and Rivalry

The Language of Negative Rights Handicaps Classical Liberals' Arguments
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

The Flat Tax: Simplicity Desimplified

A Flat Rate May Be the Best Way to Keep Taxes Low
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

Cutting Marginal Tax Rates: Evidence from the 1920s

Tax Cuts Lead to Economic Growth
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

Government's Hostile Takeover

Estate Taxes Create Disincentives to Invest, Save, and Take Risks
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

Why Some Federal Jobs Should Be Abolished

Those Who Live Off Stolen Funds Will Have to Rearrange Their Lives
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

What Is Multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism Is the Esoteric Form of Virulent Ethnic Politics
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by

The Bright Side of Failure

Failure Is Essential to Economic Progress
OCTOBER 01, 1996 by ,
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