October 1974

October 1974

Volume 24, 1974


A Theme for the Bicentennial: The Founding Fathers' Fear of Power

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

A review of the early warnings about the concentration of political power.

What Does America Owe to the "Third World"?

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

A reasonable doubt as to the efficacy of intergovernmental foreign aid.

Why Gold Is Money

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

Traders decide which form of money to trust.

Why Is Liberalism Endemic?

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

Concerning the continued popularity of a social system that is such a failure.

Economic Calculation

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

Socialism cannot function without a means for economic calculation.

Marx, Mises and Socialism

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

Further thoughts concerning the vital role of the market and money for economic calculation.

Regulation Helps the Rich and Harms the Poor

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

A cogent reason why government should be limited.

Dog-Eat-Dog Competition

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

Market competition is the activity of two or more parties pursuing the same customers' dollars by offering the highest values in exchange.

The High Cost of the Draft

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by ,

The question here concerns who should pay the bill.

Laws Versus Tyranny

OCTOBER 01, 1974 by

Obedience to the moral law brings peace and harmony.

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