November 1995

Volume 45, 1995


Should We Cancel the National Debt?

Repudiation of the Federal Debt Would Be Fundamentally Immoral
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

Education vs. Democracy

Is Democracy Really Good for Education?
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

The Solution

The People Must Reclaim Control of the Money Supply
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

How to Return to the Gold Standard

The Major Obstacle to Monetary Reform Is Ideological
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

Central Banks, Gold, and the Decline of the Dollar

Why Has the U.S. Dollar Lost So Much of Its Purchasing Power?
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

A Solution to the Incentives War?

Government Incentives for Businesses Fail to Create Net Benefits for the General Public
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

The Wall of Separation Between Church and State

Most Americans Misunderstand the First Amendment's Role in Religion
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

The Right to Pray

AUGUST 01, 1964 by

The "right to pray" becomes a public problem only to the extent that it has to do with tax-supported institutions.

Steal These Free Papers?

Taking Free Newspapers Should Be a Crime
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by

Is the Unabomber an Ecobomber?

The Unabomber's Actions Represent Environmentalists' Goals
NOVEMBER 01, 1995 by
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