November 1977

Volume 27, 1977


Inflation Versus Profits

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

Concerning the problems of accounting and business calculation arising from inflation.

Inflation and Liberty

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

Liberty is the antidote for the deadly combination of inflation and controls.

Yes, America, There Is an Energy Problem, BUT...

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

Putting me problem in perspective, to seek a market solution.

World in the Grip of an Idea: 11. Germany - The Promise and the Terror

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

Nazi violence, cloaked in legality, wipes out pockets of possible resistance.

The Handshake or the Sword

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

Despite the overwhelming evidence, people are prone to believe economic problems should be referred to the government rather then left to the market.

The Perils of Public Education

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

A study of the problems under compulsory education and a suggested way out.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1977/11

NOVEMBER 01, 1977 by

"Awake for Freedom's Sake" by Leonard E. Read

"The Capitalist Reader," edited by Lawrence S. Stepelevich

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