June 1998

June 1998

Volume 48, 1998


In Memoriam: Yale Brozen

An Honorable Scholar of Industrial Organization and Antitrust
JUNE 01, 1998 by

The Attack on Concentration

JANUARY 01, 1979 by

Firms that efficiently win a large share of the market face FTC and antitrust prosecutionto the detriment of consumers.

The Ghost of John D. Rockefeller

Antitrust Regulation Allows Politicians to Pose as Populists
JUNE 01, 1998 by

Economics: A Branch of Moral Philosophy

JANUARY 01, 1972 by

Right and wrong ways to cope with the problem of scarcity.

Natural Society Revisited

A Happy Community Cannot Be Created by Force
JUNE 01, 1998 by

The Origin of Religious Tolerance

Freedom of Commerce Is the True Wellspring of Religious Toleration
JUNE 01, 1998 by

A Peaceful Ferment in Somalia

Can a Stateless Society Thrive in the Modern World?
JUNE 01, 1998 by

Statistics: A Vehicle for Collectivist Mischief

Statistics Suggest Artificial Problems That Fuel Interventionism
JUNE 01, 1998 by

Should Government Build the Railroads?

How Michigan's Foray into Public Transportation Networks Caused an Economic Collapse in the State
JUNE 01, 1998 by

Great Turnabouts in Economics, Part II

Blaug's Conversion Toward Free-Market Capitalism Is on the Right Track
JUNE 01, 1998 by
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