June 1969

June 1969

Volume 19, 1969


A Capitalist Manifesto

JUNE 01, 1969 by

The proven superiority of capitalism in solving the problems envisioned by Marx should bring forth a new manifesto.

Combinations in Restraint of Trade

JUNE 01, 1969 by

In our zeal to reform the world, we often embrace one of the very errors we most abhor.

The Rise and Fall of England: 16. The Fall of England (Part I)

JUNE 01, 1969 by

The anomaly of the collapse under socialism of a victor nation in World War II.

The Intellect in Utopia

JUNE 01, 1969 by

How the mind of the reformer and his freedom to plan must give way to the coercive methods he espouses.

The Right to Health

JUNE 01, 1969 by

If one has a right to treatment, does he have a right to resist treatment? And who is to provide such care?

Education in America: 9. Academic Freedom for What?

JUNE 01, 1969 by

Freedom to seek the truth within the bounds of civilized society and to attract students toward such findings.

The Fallacy of "Intrinsic Value"

JUNE 01, 1969 by

Not the labor stored in gold but its physical properties cause man to value it as money.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1969/6

JUNE 01, 1969 by

"The Coming Aristocracy" by Leonard E. Read

"Dollars and Deficits" and

"The Optimum Quantity of Money, and other Essays" both by Milton Friedman

"So Human an Animal" by Rene Dubos

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