July/August 2014

Volume 64, 2014

The United States' corporate tax burden is the highest in the world, but innovators will always find a way to duck away from Uncle Sam's reach. Doug Bandow explains how those with the means are renouncing their citizenship in increasing numbers, while J. Dayne Girard describes the innovative use of freeports to shield wealth from the myriad taxes and duties imposed on it as it moves around the world. Of course the politicians brand all of these people unpatriotic, hoping you won't think too hard about the difference between the usual crony-capitalist suspects and the global creative elite that have done so much to improve our lives. In a special tech section, Joseph Diedrich, Thomas Bogle, and Matthew McCaffrey look at various ways these innovators add value to our lives—even in ways they probably never expected. 


Private Cities 101

JUNE 11, 2014 by

Humanity's future lies in urbanization, but we'll need a lot of experimentation to get it right. Private cities offer our best hope.

Swiss Freeports and the Invincible Tax Evader

Turning a profit in no-government’s land
JUNE 04, 2014 by

Freeports have become the hottest innovation around increasingly intrusive tax laws.

Earthquake Europe

European election results point to a different road for the continent
JUNE 03, 2014 by

The recent European Parliament elections are more about the need for reform than about the rise of far-right extremism.

#8 – The Economy Needs More Planning–Central Planning, That Is

JUNE 06, 2014 by

No group of people, no matter how much power they possess, can possibly know more than an infinitesimal fraction of what they'd need to plan an economy.

How Physician Licensing Hurts Medicine and Helps Pseudoscience

JUNE 10, 2014 by

Restricting the supply of doctors artificially inflates the market for quackery and its placebo effect.

Everything I Know About Economics I Learned from Tinder

MAY 28, 2014 by

A new dating app shows how economic concepts pervade our lives.

Make It Rain

A hot new game gives players mixed messages about markets and cronyism
MAY 20, 2014 by

The mobile game "Make It Rain" might have been meant as a commentary on money, but it's a good illustration of Public Choice arguments.

Virtual Worlds, Real Economics

Video games rot your brain and teach you econ
JUNE 17, 2014 by

As more and more people cross over into gaming environments, they're getting an education in the dismal science.


Frak! Has Your Mother Sold Her Mangle?

Language—even profanity—evolves faster than it can be regulated
MAY 22, 2014 by

Authorities in Michigan are trying to crack down on swearing; fortunately, language is too spontaneous and too open to innovation for this plan to work.

Class War in the Time of Robin Hood

JUNE 16, 2014 by

The Robin Hood legend originated as a story about political, not economic, oppression.


JUNE 17, 2014 by

Something always
refuses. This is

the solitary hour.

Waking without You

JUNE 23, 2014 by

Another call and message left
while I stand at the stove,

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