July/August 2005

Volume 55, 2005


No Buts about Freedom

No Compromise Is Possible Between Freedom and Coercion
JULY 01, 2005 by

When everyone's exceptions to freedom are added up, well, freedom ends up being sunk by all the "buts."

Pharmacists and Freedom

Individual Freedom and Private Property Are Indispensable for Resolving Disputes
JULY 01, 2005 by

The Persistent Influence of Bad Ideas

How J. A. Hobson's Ideas about Imperialism Became Common Wisdom
JULY 01, 2005 by

Vorkuta to Perm: Russia's Concentration-Camp Museums and My Father's Story

Teaching Future Generations about Government Terror and Enslavement in the Soviet Union
JULY 01, 2005 by

Postal Monopoly: Playing by Different Rules

Government Monopolies Don't Face Competition
JULY 01, 2005 by

Choice Is Too Burdensome?

A Coercive Pyramid Scheme Can't Be Morally Preferable
JULY 01, 2005 by

To Own or Be Owned: That Is the Question

Ownership Is Control
JULY 01, 2005 by

In coming months, and probably years, President Bush's "Ownership Society" proposals--in particular, his plans for personal accounts within Social Security, health savings accounts, and more school choice--will stimulate national discussion in directions politicians for decades have feared to tread. Whether you think the President's specifics have merit or not, this development should be seen as an opportunity to remind the American public of some critically important truths.

Idiots, Infants and the Insane: Mental Illness and Legal Incompetence

Psychiatrists Never Know if a Patient Is Competent
JULY 01, 2005 by

Who Hates Wal-Mart and Why?

Competitors Turn to Politicians to Hamstring Wal-Mart
JULY 01, 2005 by

Why Freedom Matters

Liberty Leads to Prosperity
JULY 01, 2005 by
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