July/August 2003

Volume 53, 2003


The Scapegoat Utility Vehicle

What's So Threatening about SUVs?
JULY 01, 2003 by

Chemical Hysteria and Environmental Politics

Alarmist Groups with Radical Political Agendas Manipulate Science
JULY 01, 2003 by

Washington's Centrally Planned Heating and Cooling

Why Does Government Outlaw Consumers' Preferred Products?
JULY 01, 2003 by

Clarence B. Carson, R.I.P.

Carson Lived a Life Full of Significance
JULY 01, 2003 by

A Carson Sampler

In Honor of a Long-Time FEE Contributing Editor
JULY 01, 2003 by

Planned Chaos: Industrial Waste Recycling in Communist Economies

Central Planning Creates Chaos and Economic Regression
JULY 01, 2003 by

Law and Property: The Best Hope for Liberty?

There Remains Little Protection for Individualism
JULY 01, 2003 by

There is little left of the conventional protections for individualism in the modern world. Whatever theoretical virtues there may be in democracy (and there aren't many1), in practice it has disintegrated into a struggle among self-regarding interest groups, mediated by government, over wealth that is exclusively created by private individuals.

Yes or No to the Euro?

Exploring the Real Motives Behind Expanding the Euro's Use
JULY 01, 2003 by

The Economics of Smoking Bans

Restaurant and Bar Owners Should Have the Freedom to Determine Smoking Policies
JULY 01, 2003 by

Lessons from the First Airplane

Are Subsidies Needed to Spur New Inventions?
JULY 01, 2003 by

Mark your calendars! Prepare for commemorative events and feature stories in newspapers all across America. The date is December 17, 2003--the 100th anniversary of the first manned flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, a feat engineered by two brothers named Wright. In one century the airplane went from a dream to a multibillion-dollar industry that transports hundreds of millions of people around the globe every year with speed and convenience that would surely astonish Wilbur and Orville today.

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