July 1977

July 1977

Volume 27, 1977


Unemployment Is Rising

JULY 01, 1977 by

The Keynesian formula of spending for full employment is teaching a costly lessonif we will learn.

Is There an Unfavorable Balance of Trade?

JULY 01, 1977 by

Still prevalent is the mercantilist notion that a nation should have an excess of exports over imports.

World in the Grip of an Idea: 7. Russia - The Reign of Terror

JULY 01, 1977 by

How terror is used to bring submission to Communist Party rule.

Education in a Free Society

JULY 01, 1977 by

A free market would serve the educational demands of parents and children, without coercion.

Madison's Answer to Machiavelli

JULY 01, 1977 by

Concerning the legal relation of organized religion to government in a republic.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1977/7

JULY 01, 1977 by

The Next Two Hundred Years" by Herman Kahn, William Brown and Leon Martel

The Price Controls Game" by Mark Skousen

James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest" by Albro Martin

Superfluous Men: Conservative Critics of American Culture, 1900-1945" edited by Robert M. Crunden

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