July 1976

July 1976

Volume 26, 1976


Unemployment, Unions and Inflation: Of Causation and Necessity

JULY 01, 1976 by

Why unions must cause inflation if they are to survive in present form under existing policies and laws.

No Eggs, No Omelet

JULY 01, 1976 by

Everything that is consumed must be produced by somebody.

A Real Con Job

JULY 01, 1976 by

When job-creation becomes more important than production to serve consumers, our lives are threatened.

A New Message: III. On The Constitution

JULY 01, 1976 by

Words of courage and counsel from the hearts of the Founding Fathers to their children in a troubled nation.

There Is an American Idea

JULY 01, 1976 by

The manifold blessings of freedom, for the common man.

What Is Economy?

JULY 01, 1976 by

Economy concerns how we live in a world much subject to political influences.

Private Coinage in America

JULY 01, 1976 by

Some examples of private coinage in the United States, before it was outlawed in 1864.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1976/7

JULY 01, 1976 by

"The Conservative Intellectual Movement Since 1945" by George H. Nash

"Simple & Direct: A Rhetoric for Writers" by Jacques Barzun

"Free Markets or Famine" and "Politics versus Prosperity" by V. Orval Watts

"The Economic Point of View" by Israel M. Kirzner

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