January/February 2007

Volume 57, 2007


The Euro versus Currency Competition

The Euro is a Less Attractive Monetary Regime than the Preceding System of National Currencies
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

A Different Story

Focusing on Different Dates When Teaching History Tells a Different Story
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

Big Government--Big Risk

Those Who Trade Liberty for Security Get Neither
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

Trans-Fattened Government

DECEMBER 15, 2006 by

So people dining out in New York City will be protected from unwittingly -- or even wittingly -- consuming foods containing trans fats. Trans fats are what you get with partially hydrogenated oils and shortenings, which keep foods like French fries from getting soggy and margarine solid at room temperature.

Trans fats will be banned in the city's restaurants and before long in Chicago and other places because health authorities say they raise cholesterol and cause heart disease.

Ironically, trans fats became popular in food preparation as people were being scared away from the saturated fats found in butter and lard. I'm beginning to think the diet authorities, who unfortunately have their hands on government power, aren't as sure about things as claim.

Climate Change: What if They're Right?

Government Fixes for Climate Change Promise Big Costs with Little to No Benefits
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

Open-Source Software: Who Needs Intellectual Property?

IP Is Not A Prerequisite for Innovation or Even Profit
JANUARY 01, 2007 by ,

The Sovereign Presidency: Is This What the Framers Had in Mind?

Unitary Executive Theory Promotes Broad Presidential Power and Infallibilty
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

The More College Graduates the Better?

Higher Education Equals Credential Inflation
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

The Fed's Potent Power

The Fed's Manipulation of the Money Supply Distorts Interest Rates and Thus Economic Activity
JANUARY 01, 2007 by

Global Warming and the Layman

DECEMBER 08, 2006 by
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