January/February 2006

Volume 56, 2006


Still Neither Left Nor Right

The Great Political Dichotomy Is Not between Left and Right, but between Those Who Advocate Force and Those Who Value Liberty
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

We live in a time when virtually all political parties and candidates stand for the same fundamental ideological idea: state interventionism and compulsory redistribution.This also applies to the mainstream media.

Fifty Years Later

Leonard Read Made Liberalism Easy and Inviting
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

The Trade Deficit Lowers Our Living Standard?

Myths About the Trade Deficit Abound
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

If Americans could figure out a way to bottle and export all the nonsense and half-truths that have been written about the U.S. trade deficit, the alleged problem might fix itself.

Capitalism and Natural Disasters

Prosperity Saves Lives
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

Six of America's ten most powerful storms have struck during the past half-century, yet only one of them (Katrina) is amongAmericas ten deadliest hurricanes.

Quasi-Corporatism: America's Homegrown Fascism

Crisis Promotes Political Organization and Bargaining
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

The Government-Created Right-to-Work Issue

Are RTW Laws Consistent with the Freedom Philosophy?
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

The principles involved in right-to-work laws are identical with those involved in [workplace antidiscrimination laws.]

The Freeman: Through the Years

Promoting the Case of Traditional Liberalism and Individual Freedom
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

In an age when lots of think-tanks, foundations, organizations, and institutes publish magazines extolling the benefits of free markets, it is hard to imagine the early 1950s, when only a handful of pro-free-market publications existed, most notably The Freeman.

The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty

Consistently and Continuously Standing Against the Fallacies and Clichés of Politics
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

Henry Hazlitt (18941993), on the hundredth anniversary of his birth, most deservedly was designated journalist of the century. He also was the last survivor of the founding trustees of the Foundation for Economic Education.

The Freeman: An Eyewitness View

How Today's Freeman Came To Be
JANUARY 01, 2006 by

The Freeman has a long and distinguished history in the cause of liberty.

The Function of The Freeman

We Must Recognize and Refute Collectivist Errors
JANUARY 01, 2006 by
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