January 1975

January 1975

Volume 25, 1975


A Standard for Freedom

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

Government fiat money means government control over the choices and actions of individuals.

Those Things Called Money

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

Why not leave decisions about money to the fantastic wisdom of the market?

Gold Is Legal, But...

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

The right to own gold may be an opening against governmental control of money.

Two-Digit Inflation

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

An analysis of the disastrous consequences of a monetary policy based solely on political considerations.

The Cost of Statism

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

The costs of intervention are real, though they cannot be measured.

Justice in the Market

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

Freedom and justice stand together, jointly opposed to collectivism.

The Continuing Efforts to Destroy Property Rights

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

The owner still knows best how to use his property.

Significance of Services Hiring and Firing

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

Concerning the economic importance of personal services and the pricing of them.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1975/1

JANUARY 01, 1975 by

"The Virginia Experiment" by Alf J. Mapp, Jr.

"Economics and Marxthe Fraudulent Antagonists" by Howard Brandenburg

"The Incredible Bread Machine" by various authors

"Will the Real Young America Please Stand Up?" by Mark Evans

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