February 2003

Volume 53, 2003


Your Social Insecurity Number

The SSN's Use Has Extended Far Beyond Its Original Purpose
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

University Economics versus Austrian Economics

The Austrian School's Clear Association with Deductive Reasoning and Nonintervention May Leave Mainstream Economists Unimpressed
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

Henry Ford, Upton Sinclair, and Limits on Consumer Choice

Capitalism Challenges Entrepreneurs to Provide Variety
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by ,

How Government Disables Private Disability Insurance

SSDI Is Coercive and Economically Inefficient
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

Take Your Bike Helmet to the Safety Museum

What's the Real Cost of Making Kids Wear Bike Helmets?
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

Frankenstein Television

Why Should the Federal Government Mandate an End to Analog Television?
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

Corporate Accounting: Still Evolving After All These Years

Regulation Doesn't Improve Accounting Standards
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

They Take More than Half

Federal, State, Sales, Excise, and Property Taxes Add Up
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by ,

Opportunity Knocks Late

America's Business Landscape Blooms with People Who Hit Their Stride After 50
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by

New Laws Will Protect Americans from Snipers?

Tighter Gun Restrictions Won't Make Americans Safer
FEBRUARY 01, 2003 by
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