February 2000

Volume 50, 2000


Lessons from the Chicago Fire

A Historic Disaster Offers Lessons about Modern Charity
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Orissa's Man-Made Tragedy

Does Nature Discriminate Against Poorer People and Countries?
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Entrepreneurial Discovery and the Law of Supply and Demand

Market Clearing Lies at the Heart of the Law of Supply and Demand
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Government as Slave Owner

Portraying All Rights as Dispensations of Government Is a Scam to Convey Absolute Power to Government Officials
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Plunder Gets a Boost

A Secret California Bill Is the Latest Example of the Danger of Economic Ignorance
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Mere Isolationism: The Foreign Policy of the Old Right

FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

The Internet: Parental Guidance Preferred

Legislation Is the Wrong Strategy for Protecting Children from Obscene Material Online
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Why Medicine Is Slowly Dying in America

Most Doctors and Patients Are Clamoring for Increased Rights Without Increased Responsibility
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

Saving Money by Taking Lives

Caring for Old People Is a Significant Burden on the Public Finances of the Welfare State
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by

A Mad Scramble at 30,000 Feet

Airlines Should Consider Well-Known Solutions to Their Tragedy of the Commons Problem
FEBRUARY 01, 2000 by
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