February 1997

Volume 47, 1997


Property Rights and Law Among the Ancient Greeks

The Success of Western Civilization Owes Much to the Greeks
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

Law, Custom, and the Commons

Cultural, Customary, or Informal Arrangements Are Often the Best Way to Protect the Commons
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

Property Rights Among Native Americans

Property Rights Encourage the Efficient and Careful Use of Resources
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

How Fishing Communities Protect Their Future

We Don't Need Government to Regulate Fishing
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

How Property Rights Can Spur Artificial Reefs

Artificial Reefs Enhance the Marine Environment and Benefit Environmentalists and Recreationists
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

An Environment Without Property Rights

Private Property Rights Will Help Undo the Eastern Bloc's Environmental Degradation
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by ,

It Takes a Market

The Market Provides Countless Needed and Wanted Goods and Services
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

The True Takings Reform Imperative

The Power of Eminent Domain Should Be a Power of Last Resort
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

Economic Freedom: Its Measurement and Importance

Free Economies Are More Prosperous
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by

Today's War on Property

When Will We Speak Out against Violations of Private Property Rights?
FEBRUARY 01, 1997 by
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