February 1996

Volume 46, 1996


How High a Price for Civilization?

Is the Current Level of Taxation in America Really Necessary?
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Original Intent and the Income Tax

The Income Tax Has Been One of the Biggest Impediments to Entrepreneurship and Growth in America
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Taking Taxes: The Case for Invalidating the Welfare State

Funding Social Welfare Programs with Tax Dollars Violates the Takings Clause
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Does Big Mean Bad? The Economic Power of Corporations

Market Competition Is More Powerful than Big Corporations Are
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Virtual Liberty

The Internet Allows Ordinary Citizens to Subvert Long-Existing Power Structures
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

No, Fred, There Is No Free Enterprise--At Least Not Here

North Carolina's Motor Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers Regulations Code Is Legal Plunder
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Cultivating Dissent: Wetlands Regulators Down on the Farm

Excessive Regulation Threatens the Brace Family Farm
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Is Social Security Pro-Family?

Giving Private Obligations to Government Weakens Family Ties
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Increasing Access to Pharmaceuticals

Reforming the FDA Would Reduce Suffering and Early Deaths
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by

Freedom, Militias, and the Violence Inherent in the System

What Are the Root Causes of Militias?
FEBRUARY 01, 1996 by
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