February 1995

Volume 45, 1995


FEE in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Must Foster Private Property and Individual Initiative to Create Economic Recovery
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

Should Star Trek Be Regulated as a Monopoly?

The Marketing of Star Trek Is Economically Rational
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

The Education of Thomas Edison

Homeschooling Paved the Way for Edison's Success
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

E Pluribus Unum

What Principles Unite Americans?
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

Dissatisfaction Guaranteed and No Money Back

A Free Market in Education Would Solve Public School Controversies
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

Business–Government Collusion

Businesses Should End Their Dependence on Government Privilege
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

John C. Calhoun: Champion of Sound Economics

We Should Reconsider the Wisdom of the "Cast-Iron Man"
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

Land Control as Mind Control

All Law Works by Precedent
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

A Matter of Principle: To Educate Or Legislate?

Trying to Effect Change Through Politics Is Wasted Effort
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by

As I write, the President is publicly jousting with congressional Democratic rivals, and with Republican opponents, over competing initiatives to shrink government, cut spending, and reduce taxes. The current argument among politicians is no longer if such cuts are necessary, but where and how much to cut.

Self-Control, Not Gun Control

Are Guns to Blame for Violent Crime?
FEBRUARY 01, 1995 by
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