February 1979

Volume 29, 1979


Beyond Supply and Demand: The Psychology of Inflation

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

Concerning the moral and spiritual disorders which lead men to politically increase the quantity of money.

Who's the Boss?

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

Consumers bear the costs of ownership and make the market a truly social institution.

Christian Principles and Public Policy

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

Sound national policy rests upon high moral principlesand common sense.

The Road Not Taken

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

The results of government economic intervention instead of reliance upon the actions of free men in free markets.

I Don't Know

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

The free society grows out of the humility to admit that "I don't know" how to regulate and control the lives of others.

World in the Grip of an Idea: 26. The Cold War: The Spread of Communism

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

An intellectual pressure to the collectivization of power, advanced as democracy.

The Dangers of Collectivism

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

How consumers lose as political power is substituted for purchasing power.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1979/2

FEBRUARY 01, 1979 by

"Liberty: Legacy of Truth" by Leonard E. Read

"Liberalism" by Ludwig von Mises

"The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science" by Ludwig von Mises

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