December 2008

Volume 58, 2008


Nationalization of the Mortgage Market

The American Public Has Been Desensitized to the Explicit Expansion of State Power
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Breaking down the mortgage market breakdown and how it's all the government's fault.

Do Patents Encourage or Hinder Innovation? The Case of the Steam Engine

Patent Law Is Highly Controversial
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Today one of the most controversial issues in economic policy is that of patent law. Is a patent just an extension of property rights to the realm of ideas? Or is it an unwarranted interference by the government into the rights of individuals?

The Right to Earn a Living Under Attack

Legislators and Special Interests Are Creating Needless Obstacles to Entrepreneurship
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

The Threat of Tax Centralization Hovers Over Europe

Tax Competition Helps Citizens Protect Their Wealth
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Eimi Mine

Eimi Depicts the True Nature of Collectivist Ideology
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Mr. President, Meet Mr. Smith

Presidential Candidates Could Learn Much from Adam Smith
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Since it's obviously possible for people to reach the pinnacle of politics without seeming to know much about either economics or Smith, perhaps we're overdue for a little reminder about both.

The Burden of Responsibility

The Therapeutic State Relieves People of Choices
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Lost in Transcription

How rights actually emerge.
AUGUST 22, 2008 by

Andrew Mellon: The Entrepreneur as Politician

As Treasury Secretary, Mellon Changed Washington
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by

Tear Down the Stop Signs!

Are Traffic Tickets a Moneymaking Scam?
DECEMBER 01, 2008 by
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