December 2004

Volume 54, 2004


Destructive Destruction

Hurricanes Don't Cause Economic Growth
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

Government Should Regulate Charities?

Laws Against Theft and Fraud Already Apply to Charities
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

The Myth of Wartime Prosperity

Does War Really Help the Economy?
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

The Golden Calf of Democracy

Democracy May Be the World's Most Oversold Concept of Political Governance
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

"Democracy," H. L. Mencken once said, "is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." He also famously defined an election as "an advance auction sale of stolen goods."

The Economic Fantasy of "Star Trek"

Gene Roddenberry Believed Money Was a Vestige of Man's Base Past
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

The Dark Secrets of Rail Trails

The Rails-to-Trails Program Quietly Confiscates Private Land
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

Separate the Professions and the State

Certain Professionals Are Adept at Manipulating the Political Process
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

Ambrose Bierce on Socialism

Socialists Withered Under Bierce's Analysis
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

A Man to Remember

Richard Cobden's Demands Had Long-Lasting Consequences in British Politics
DECEMBER 01, 2004 by

2004 Annual Index

DECEMBER 01, 2004 by
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