December 2000

Volume 50, 2000


WHO's Hidden Agenda

WHO's Agenda Is Neither Patient-Friendly Nor Protective of Individual Freedoms
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

Why Classical Liberals Should Love Harry Potter

Government Plays a Strikingly Small Role in Harry's Magical World
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

They're Just Dying to Be Rescued

Gun-Control Propaganda Brainwashes Potential Victims
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

A Year at the Movies

Libertarian Themes Play Out in Several Hollywood Films
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

Capitalism and the Zero

Numerous Financial Innovations Flowed Directly from the Discovery of Zero
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

High Savings Rates and Asia's Economic Crises

A High Rate of Saving Does Not Guarantee High Growth
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

Standing to Gain from Tattling

Professional Tattling Is Big Business for Environmental Advocacy Groups
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

The Self-Imposed Poverty of Economics

Does Game Theory Fully Explain Human Behavior?
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by ,

Universal Values

Classical-Liberal Political Values Are the Fundamental Rules of Human Decency
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

Forgotten War in a Forgotten Country

War Consumes Lives in Burma
DECEMBER 01, 2000 by

From a distance the jungle looks peaceful. Dense, green plant growth covers hills that march endlessly onward. Primitive villages emerge in simple clearings: wood and bamboo buildings, covered by thatched roofs, sitting on stilts, and open to rain, animals, and mosquitoes.

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