December 1999

Volume 49, 1999


Why Y2K?

The Y2K Decision Was Rooted in Imperfect Information
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

Reclassifying a Classic

A Christmas Carol Does Not Support a Welfare State
DECEMBER 24, 2013 by

A Christmas Carol remains a compelling story. But where it looks for salvation might surprise those who assume Dickens set out simply to indict business.

States' Rights Revisited

State Independence Checks Federal Aggrandizement
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

Welcome to Canada

Canada's Government Is Like a Dependent, Mildly Abusive Mother
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

Freedom and Foreign Investment

Large International Corporations Are Not So Horrible After All
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

The Poverty of Regulation

Interventionists Deceive an Unsuspecting Public
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

A Lesson in Political Management

UNC's Campus Crisis Is Self-Created
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

The Force of Economics

Economics Is Everywhere
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

China's Flirtation with Keynesian Economics

Deficit Spending and Money-Printing Will Not Improve China's Economy
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by

The Collectivist Illusion

Humanity Is Not an Organic Whole
DECEMBER 01, 1999 by
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