December 1997

Volume 47, 1997


Freedom and the Car

Self-Directedness Is Intrinsic to Automobility
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

Paparazzi and Public Property

The Notion of "Public Property" Muddies People's Basic Rights
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

Where Does Law Come From?

Law Does Not Depend on a Central Coercive Authority
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

Law and governance are natural institutions that arise out of people's interest in prospering through production, the division of labor, and trade. They do not depend on a central coercive authority for their genesis.

The Efficiency of Natural Rights

Natural Rights Are Both Problem-Solving Devices and Moral Principles
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

The Future of the Union Movement: Clues From the UPS Strike

Competition and Entrepreneurship, Not Unions, Are the Source of Lasting Prosperity for Workers and Investors Alike
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

What's So Bad about Big Government Anyway?

Besides the coercion and social harm.
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

Or Else . . .

Examples of Officially Sanctioned Extortion Surround Us
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

Will Retirement Become a Personal Responsibility?

Social Security Must Ultimately Be Privatized
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

With Social Security benefits projected to exceed the system's revenues within 15 years, young Americans are increasingly skeptical that the government will take care of them when they reach their mid-sixties. That's a healthy development because in a free society, responsibility for one's retirement is too important to relinquish to the vagaries of politicized programs.

Kill Big Business's Bank

Taxpayers Provide the Cash, Exporters Collect the Profit
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by

Best Textbooks for a Free-Market University

Free-Market Economics Is Back in the College Classroom
DECEMBER 01, 1997 by
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