December 1995

Volume 45, 1995


Government Nannies: The Cradle to Grave Agenda of Goals 2000 and Outcome Based Education

Do Our Children Belong to the State?
OCTOBER 01, 1995 by ,

The Arts in a Free Market Economy

Capitalism Is a Prescription for Producing and Distributing Great Art
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

Ludwig van Beethoven's Joyous Affirmation of Human Freedom

Beethoven Inspired the World
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

Experiencing Socialist Britain

A Personal Tale of Work in Two Nationalized Industries
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

Economics of Russian Crime

Russia Urgently Needs to Create a Stable, Orderly Society Based on an Effective Market
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

No Thanks, Uncle Sam

Entrepreneurial Women Can Make It On Their Own
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

Coming to America: The Benefits of Open Immigration

America Owes Its Heritage to Open Borders
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

Thinking Carefully About Macroeconomics

Defenders of the Market Should Understand Fundamental Issues in Macroeconomics
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

Why Economists Need to Speak the Language of the Marketplace

Keynes' Modern-Day Followers Continue with His Distortions of Language
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by

In Praise of Train Wrecks

It Is Time to Ask Basic Questions About the Role of Government
DECEMBER 01, 1995 by
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