December 1978

Volume 28, 1978


Glory Be!

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

True glory consists of the service of truth and freedom.

The "Invisible Hand" or the Heavy Hand?

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

A timely reminder of the dangers we face if we allow controls to close the market.

Are Successful Businessmen Just Lucky?

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

Not by pure chance, but by the foresight of businessmen, are consumers served efficiently.

Government Spending Must Be Cut

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

Meaningful tax reform hinges on the moral strength to resist special privileges government may arrange.

World in the Grip of an Idea: 24. The Cold War: The Spread of Communism

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

Communism is less a political theory than a set of claims and promisesjustificationsfor holding and exercising power.

Native Pottery Only

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

A study of the harmful effects of "protectionism," as applied during the Civil Waror today.

Austerity, Waste, and Need

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

In the absence of market signals, the regulator faces severe information problemsand consumers suffer needlessly.

A Human Action Taxonomy

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

We interact in society voluntarily or coercively and the consequences make all the difference.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1978/12

DECEMBER 01, 1978 by

"Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations" edited by Fred Glahe

"Adam Smith: Man of Letters and Economist" by Clyde E. Dankert

"Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment" by Raoul Berger

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