December 1976

Volume 26, 1976


Cartels: Conspiracies in Restraint of Trade

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

Government-created cartels control large segments of the American economy.

A New Message: VIII. On The Destiny of Liberty

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

Words of courage and counsel from the hearts of the Founding Fathers to their children in a troubled nation.

Lessons of the German Inflation

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

The demoralization that the debasement of the currency left in its wake played a major role in bringing Hitler to power.

Faith of Our Fathers

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

Concerning the vital role of the faith of our fathers in the founding of the United States.

You Can't Sell Freedom to a Starving Man

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

But the truth is that for untold centuries before the discovery of freedom, men starved.

The Free Market and the "Tyranny of Wealth"

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

The monopolies in the Progressive period: a market or governmental development?

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1976/12

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

"Essays on Hayek" edited by Fritz Machlup

Repressing Economic News

DECEMBER 01, 1976 by

If prices are censored, or frozen, they cannot tell producers what goods or services people want.

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