December 1966

Volume 16, 1966


American Federalism: Origins

DECEMBER 01, 1966 by

Dr. George Roche may be a newcomer to FEE's staff, but he discusses the origins of American Federalism as though he might have sat in the sessions of the Founding Fathers themselves.

Fiat Inflation in France

DECEMBER 01, 1966 by

Nor can we go far wrong in these perilous times to carefully review once more the classic analysis of "Fiat Money Inflation in France" by Cornell's first president, Andrew Dickson White.

Foreign Aid: An Instrument for Progress?

DECEMBER 01, 1966 by

Dr. Peter Bauer, London scholar, offers a provocative analysis of the failures of intergovernmental foreign aid to promote the progress promised.

The Coming Serfdom in India

DECEMBER 01, 1966 by

And a more recent graduate from the London School, now returned to her native India, lends credence to Dr. Bauer's conclusions.

Welfare Without the Welfare State

DECEMBER 01, 1966 by

Professor Yale Brozen looks to the private practice of freedom and charity as a more hopeful path toward the pretended goals of the welfare state.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1966/12

DECEMBER 01, 1966 by

George Schuyler's autobiographical Black and Conservative seems to fit well into reviewer Chamberlain's way of thinking.

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